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Essay on Nikki Giovanni poem

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When I was very little Though it’s still true today There were no sidewalks in Lincoln heights And the home we had on Jackson Street Was right next to a bus stop and a sewer Which didn’t really ever become offensive But one day from the sewer a little kitten With one eye gone Came crawling out Though she never really came into our yard but just Sort of hung by to watch the folk My sister who was always softhearted but able To act effectively started taking milk Out to her while our father would only say Don’t bring him home and everyday After school I would rush home to see if she was still There and if Gary had fed her but I could never Bring myself to go near her She was so loving And so hurt and so singularly beautiful and I knew I had nothing to give that would Replace her one gone eye And if I had named her which I didn’t I’m sure I would have called her Carol

- Nikki Giovanni

“I had nothing to give that would replace her one gone eye”. Isn’t it the main idea in Nikki Giovanni’s poem? The expression, which says much about the kitten, has a meaning of something what makes us think deeply into the projection of what the author is trying to say. What is the kitten Nikki wrote about is not a kitten but a disabled child or a child without a family? We can feed him or her, put the child into a place where he will be taken care of, but can we really help a person who has lost more than we can give back? I don’t think we can heal the wounds of a disabled person by “acting effectively” in “taking milk out to her”. Certanly we won’t help a child with disabilities by just missing him, not paying attention or just trying to forget about him. Well, some people do it, according to Nikki:”Our father would only say don’t bring him home”. Even our softheart won’t make much difference any more. There is only one conclusion Giovanny makes in this poem:”I had nothing to give that would replace her one gone eye”, and that is the reality.